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I usually teach graduate level courses. Here are a couple of courses I have taught most recently.

Geol 568 : Geochemical Analysis (Every fall)

Electron Microprobe Principles and Applications + Production of a Manuscript from Petrologic Research + Oral Presentation

The semester project entails research on rocks of the student’s choice (e.g., thesis samples), polished thin-section preparation, petrography, use of the electron microprobe. Major emphasis is placed on scientific writing for publication, including abundant discussions, much bleeding on manuscripts, and with considerable revisions and rewritings. An oral presentation is also stressed.

Geol 630/660 : Petrology/Geochemistry Seminar (Every Spring)

  • Geochemical Instrumentation
  • Origin and Evolution of the Moon
  • Phase Equilibria and Modelling of Igneous-melt Crystallization
  • Trace-Element Geochemistry
  • Return to the Moon
  • Lunar and Martian Meteorites
  • Phase Equilibria of Igneous systems
  • Instrumentations for the Planetary Sciences
  • Mantle Petrology and the Origin of Diamonds


UH 100: Undergraduate Honor Program (Spring)

Inroduction to science at the university level for Chancellor’s Scholors (Freshmen with < 4.0 GPA)

  • Return to the Moon : Moon Geology

FTS 129: Freshman Seminar Program (Spring)

Seminar to exceptional freshman students to introduce a neat subject-“Diamonds are Forever : Or Are they?”