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Recent Postdoctoral Research Associates

Name Ph.D Present Occupation
Clive Neal University of Leeds, UK Prof., University of Notre Damm
Eric Jerde UCLA Prof., Moorhead Univ, Kentucky
Jeremy Mitchell University of Wyoming Research Scientist, Los Alamos Natl. Lab.
Csaba Szabo University of Hungary, Hungry Prof. of University of Hungary, Hungary
Brian Beard University of Wisconsin Research Prof. of University of Wisconsin
Randy Keller Oregon State University Research Scientist, Oregon State University
Greg Snyder Colorado School of Mines Priest at St. John’s Episcopal Parish, Johns Island, SC
Alex Ruzicka University of Arizona Prof., Portland State University
Vlad Sobolev University of Tennessee Computer Programmer (Private Company)
Wuyi Wang Tsukuba University, Japan Researcher, Gemological Institute of America
Barbara Cohen University of Arizona Project manager, Marshall Space & Flight Center/NASA
Mahesh Anand Cambridge University, UK Prof., Open University, London, UK
University of Tennessee, Knoxville Private Business
Universityof Novosibirsk, Russia Research Scientist, Institute of Mineralogy & Petrography, Russian Science of Academy, Novosibirsk.
James Day University of Durham, UK Prof., UCSD/Scripps Inst. Oceanography
Jaesung Park University of Texas, A&M Faculty, Yeonsai University, Seoul, Korea
Eddy Hill University of Bristol, UK Research Associate, University of Arizona
Benjamin Eimer New Mexico State University (Physics) Research division at Filteration company
Amit Basu Sarbadhikari Indian Institute of Technology Research scientist at Physical Research Laboratory in Ahmedabad, India.
Yang, Liu University of Michigan Senior research scientist at JPL/NASA
Amy Riches Open University, UK Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Alberta
Ioannis Baziotis National University of Athens Assistant Professor, Athens Agricultural University, Greesc
Laura Carmody University College London Postdoctoral Research Associate
Peter Barry UCSD/Scripps Inst. Oceanography Postdoctoral Research Associate, Oxford University, England
John Pernet-Fisher University of London, UK Postdoctoral Research Associate, Manchester, England
Geoffrey Howarth Rhodee University, South Africa Postdoctoral Research Associate, Unive. Cape Town, South Africa
Marlon Jean Utah State University Postdoctoral Research Associate, UT