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Recent Graduate Students

Kevin Thaisen Ph.D.
May, 2012
Lunar base-ISRU study. Remote sensing on mare Moscoviense crater
Mike Mellin M.S.
Fall, 2007
  Major and Trace-element Chemistry of Minerals in Lithologies A and B in Martian Meteorite EETA79001.
Darren Schnare M.S.
Spring, 2006
  Petrogenesis of Apollo 15 Olivine Normative and Quartz Normative in Mare Basalts.
Josua Cahill M.S.
Spring, 2003
Mineralogy, Petrography, and Geochemistry of Lunar Meteorites Dhofar 025 and 081.
Rene Wiesli  Ph.D.
Spring, 2002
Geochemistry of eclogites at Alps de Trescolmen and other localities in the adula nappe, Central Alps, Switzerland.
Pin Promprated  Ph.D.
Spring, 2001
“Petrology and Geochemistry of Upper Mantle and Lower Crustal Xenoliths in Alkali Basalts from Thailand”.
Dave Remley M.S.
Fall 98
Petrogenesis of eclogite xenoliths from the Obnazhennaya kimberlite pipe, Yakutia, Russia
Vlad Sobolev Ph.D.
Fall 97
Mantle metasomatism beneath the Siberian platsorm.
Stefan Higgins  M.S.
Spring 96
Petrology and Geochemistry of the Burakovsky layered mafic instrusion:Baltic shield, western Russia.
John Chambers M.S.
Spring 95
Mineralogical and Petrographical Characterization of Lunar Mare Soils and Basalts for Resource Characterizaton: X-ray digital-Imaging Analysis.
Kathy Faracci  M.S.
Spring 94
Diamondiferous Eclogites from the Mir Kmiberlites, Siberia.
 Qu Qi Ph.D.
Fall 94
Mantle Xenoliths from S.E. China.